A visit to Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield

After 5 years of residing in Sheffield, I finally paid a visit to this exquisite museum that showcases the industrial past of the Steel City. And it was amazing!

I happened to go on one of those days when they hold a mini-market and have some other events around, so it was quite busy and lively, filled with a great atmosphere. But even if there’s nothing on, you’re sure to find lots of interesting things around the museum, like the river Don engine, which is the highlight and it’s the most powerful surviving steam engine in Britain.



The view from Kelham Island yard


Maintenance workshop


Old machinery


Old workplace


The Crossley Gas Engine

Contemplating history

The river Don engine

The Cloud Factory

The ‘cloud factory’


Kayaking in the river


Old utensils


Saw making


Kelham Island


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