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Triumph – Photography 101

This is my picture for Triumph. It means a lot to me because this photo received a ‘Commended’ award at the International Garden Photographer of the Year 2013 in the ‘Greening the City’… Continue reading

Mystery – Photography 101

The lifeless onlooker stares incessantly at the world outside, yearning but for a fleeting instant of a life in motion.

Landmark – Photo 101

Parisian Icon

Street – Photography 101

Cyclist encounter at Sheffield’s Fargate. ‘Shot from the hip’ so as not to draw attention to myself and capture a candid moment. Street photography is not easy but it’s something I’d like to… Continue reading

A visit to Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield

After 5 years of residing in Sheffield, I finally paid a visit to this exquisite museum┬áthat showcases the industrial past of the Steel City. And it was amazing! I happened to go on… Continue reading

Angles & Geometry in Sheffield

Last Sunday, SocialSheffield organised a photo melee (photo challenge) with the theme of angles and geometry. Various photographers turned up to the event and we went in search of shots that fitted with… Continue reading

Let it rain

Embracing the “bad” weather in Sheffield. My wife and I got soaked as we were coming home from the train station, but we were treated to this beautiful sight along the way…

Christmas in the City of Puebla, Mexico.

My hometown, the City of Puebla, looks particularly bright and pretty during the Christmas Holiday season. The fact that the weather has not been cold by any means doesn’t cloud the Christmassy spirit… Continue reading

Reflections of the Steel City

I woke up to a beautiful morning full of reflections in Sheffield after a rainy and thunderous night…    

Barcelona Highlights

The cradle of Catalan culture, amongst many other cultures and civilisations, and a witness to major transformations such as the Industrial Revolution or the Civil War amongst many others, Barcelona truly is a… Continue reading