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Reflections of the Steel City

I woke up to a beautiful morning full of reflections in Sheffield after a rainy and thunderous night…    

Barcelona Highlights

The cradle of Catalan culture, amongst many other cultures and civilisations, and a witness to major transformations such as the Industrial Revolution or the Civil War amongst many others, Barcelona truly is a… Continue reading

Scenes from the countryside

These pictures were taken around Fox House in the Peak District.

Poppies popping out everywhere

Sleep, peace and death. They may represent quite varied and even grim conditions but they certainly elicit peacefulness whenever I see them sprout in tough places. I admire their hardiness.    

Light and Nature

My eyes rejoice at the sight of such beautiful scenery that I find on this side of the world. Here are some pictures that I hope make you feel warm and cosy on… Continue reading

Pink Spring

Spring in Sheffield has finally let itself show. Albeit quite fresh and cool, the atmosphere starts to look more colourful with the arrival of the first cherry blossoms.

Drizzling in the city

Lightly felt and yet heavily present: Drizzle in Britain.

The Fog & Mist of early Spring

Fog and mist are typical during the transition from Winter to Spring. I just love how they transform the atmosphere and wrap the city with a moody and sometimes eerie look…

The trembling of a leaf

“Never say there is nothing beautiful in the world anymore. There is always something to make you wonder in the shape of a tree, the trembling of a leaf.” -Albert Schweitzer-  

The first signs of Spring

Spring is slowly extending its fresh fingers over the land…